Rotten Coffin – Suffering Chaos and Death MC

1. Humanity = Gone
2. Embroidered in Suffering
3. Era of Horror

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“Hailing from Funchal, Madeira (Portugal), Rotten Coffin are an old-school death metal band (if the name hadn’t already given that titbit of info away) and their short and savage demo, Suffering, Chaos and Death is a satisfying slab of well played brutality which suitably whets the whistle for more from these Portuguese purveyors of pain.

Full of solid mid-tempo groove and gore, the 3 tracks on Suffering, Chaos and Death are as traditional as they come but no less enjoyable for it. With a satisfying arsenal of riffs to hand and a great vocal performance from the aptly named Devourer, Rotten Coffin emit the kind of decaying, vomitous stench that’ll have you head-banging and gagging your way to the nearest cemetery for more of the same” WORSHIPMETAL.COM

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