Tir – Persepolis MC

1. Daemon of the Desert (Aži)
2. Anāhid’s Miracle
3. Summoning Alborz
4. Righteous Viraz
5. The Dragon King Raised an Army
6. Mēnōg and Gētīg
7. The Stone Thrown from Činwad Bridge (Extended)
8. Sands in the Sky
9. The Song of the Cosmos is Heard from Persepolis
10. The Rising Shadow of Chaos
11. Blood Red Desert
12. Welkin
13. Empire of Stars
14. Lost to the Shadows of Memory
15. Forgotten Prophecy (feat. Varkana)

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Mankind was once on another journey, one found rooted in the ancestors of the ancient past. Presenting us with war and nature on the one hand, and falsehood, fears and ambitions on the other, the empire of Persepolis greets us with its lurid face. While ashes rained from the sky, legions of swords unsheathed revealed the unchanged quest for human power often overshadowed by revenge, power and glory. And yet, as the great earth is reflected in the air; and the sky in the stars too, these stories of life and death are a symphony that transcends centuries, and it was an honor for me to describe this chaos.

Consumed by hate…
Pride emblazoned…
Persepolis – Naked as the sand!

“Persepolis” is an expanded, re-mixed and re-imagined version of Tir’s long sold out 2019 album, “The Vanished Civilization of Xattoth”, previously released by Heimat Der Katastrophe.
On this latest Tir “redux”, fresh orchestrations reveal added layers of harmonic and melodic depth, and many compositions have been extended to uncover a much darker side of the “Persepolis” narrative. It also features two new pieces unique to this release, with a special guest appearance from Varkana on the album’s final track, “Forgotten Prophecy”.

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