Mammon’s Throne – Mammon’s Throne LP


1. Return Us To The Stars
2. Beyond
3. A King’s Last Lament
4. Mammon’s Throne (Reap What you Sow)
5. Impure

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BE034 Mammon’s Throne “Mammon’s Throne” LP. Limited to 200 copies on “Crystalline Purple Throne” transparent vinyl.
Raise the hails once again to Melbourne’s mightiest – Mammon’s Throne, returning once again in 2023 with their second, self-titled full-length. A glistening tower of heavy metal extremity that sets its sight and tone on the crystalline heights of doom metal majesty. After the success of their 2020 debut album, “Forward Unto Flame” (released via Black Farm Records), recent years have seen a relentless charge of the crushing Mammon’s Throne live show and numerous (and victorious) campaigns across the Australian wasteland. Establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned within the Australian heavy music arena, Mammon’s Throne have matured into a fresh exposition of homage to doom’s ancestry, yet sear with cutting velocity and vision amongst the modern day pantheon of riff driven extremities. On their latest offering, funeral doom melodies meet crushing sludge and death grooves before taking flight in searing blackened crescendos, all accompanied by a chilling and diverse range of vocal styles and furious drumming assault. “Mammon’s Throne” releases April 1st.

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