Artanor – In Servitude of Darkness CD


1 I. Consumed by Time
2 II. From the Roaring Fire
3 III. A Reminder of Past Glory
4 IIII. Sons of the Rock
5 IIIII. First Born Minion
6 IIIIII. Despondent Echoes of Misery

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Conjured from the mind of Menelyagor, “In Servitude of Darkness” weaves an epic tale of a realm hanging in the balance. Meklarah is under threat from the sinister machinations of the devious necromancer Rakinar. The only thing standing in the way of his plan to destroy all life are his children and their allies. This tale of might and magic is set to the strains of blistering black metal that will captivate the imagination and inflame the soul.

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